Tensions rise in Bosnia as Dodik eyes the invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is reawakening war demons in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Putin-backed Serb and Croat nationalists are threatening to tear the country apart

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Life in Africa's last colony

On Saturday, The U.N. envoy for the disputed Western Sahara, Staffan de Mistura, visited refugee camps in Algeria housing those displaced by fighting decades ago, in a renewed effort to find a diplomatic solution for the territory. Within the Moroccan occupied Western Sahara, local Sahrawi activists have recently been targeted more and more by the Moroccan authorities. Discrimination, kidnapping and violence are rife in “the last African colony”. “We are treated like third-class citizens and the world does nothing.”

Why does Russia want to invade Ukraine?

Russia has been building up a strong military presence near the Ukrainian border. At least 100,000 troops are waiting for Putin’s order. The US and other Western nations have sent military advisors, money and military technology to Ukraine. It feels like the Cold War is back. But why does Russia want to invade Ukraine?

Franco's last statue in Spain falls

Without fame, the last statue of the despot disappears from the Spanish streets. On Tuesday afternoon, workers with concrete drills and demolition hammers come to remove the pedestal from under the bronze cast in the Spanish city of Melilla. 

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